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Society: Girls, your biggest asset is your beauty. You can’t be strong, you can’t be smart, but you’d better be pretty. Heaven help you if you aren’t.

Society: Why are girls so vain? Their selfies are bringing our downfall.

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Oniisama… thank you for still remembering the promise you made me.

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That gentle way he looks at her just makes me melt…<3




still the best thing to come out of Australia

The last two are so beautiful I could just about cry.

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All I’m saying is…

…Zero Kiryu is awesome and I don’t need to insult another character to prove that.

 ★ the walking dead meme: ★ five quotes -> 1/5

The world we know is gone. But keeping our humanity?
                                   That’s a choice.

Moments like these are the reason why I love this show so much.

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It might be too late to discuss this… (Scratch that, who cares now anyway, probably only me) But do you really think Yuuki and Zero’s child is a boy? Idk but this one looks female to me (not that Hino’s male characters look absolutely manly but meh). His (her) eyes are bigger than Zero’s, and the hair faming the face in a girlish style too, and he is very thin, so I am thinking, maybe he is actually a “she”? You know tomboy-ish and stuff? My opinion tho, I have been having the thought since I first saw the two children. What do you think?

I’m pretty sure he is a boy. The reason he looks kind of feminine is probably because he is a vampire and still isn’t grown up yet. I have no clue why some people assume he is an adult.

Also, Kuran Pretty Gene and Kiryu Hot Gene.


The Korra Fandom upon hearing the villains from Book 3

Convo between my 7year-old students today

  • Josie: I have a new crusshhhhh
  • Matt: Me too! On a boy!
  • Pearl: You're a boy with a crush on a boy?
  • Matt: Yeah he's really cute.
  • Pearl: Oh.
  • (pause for a bit)
  • Matt: Boys can like boys. I just can't marry him because boys can't marry boys.
  • Me: Yeah they can. You can marry whoever you want.
  • Matt: Really?
  • Josie: YEAH my tia has a wife so now I have a titi and a auntie.
  • Matt: Okay. Then maybe I'll marry him.
  • Dave: (from across the room) No you can't you're seven.
  • (Age was apparently the only foreseeable problem anyone of my elementary schoolers could see with gay marriage.)
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Ten years ago today, I drew the first few pages of YU+ME. I had tried making this comic a few times before, getting a dozen pages in before stopping, but this time, it stuck. I kept going. And I’m so proud of what it turned into. I’m so proud that it’s meant something to so many people.

The first chunk of this comic is far from perfect, but trying to make it perfect is what kept me from doing it for so long. Letting go of the desire to be perfect is the only way I could start getting real work done. You can see me learn to be a better artist as I went from being fresh out of high school (I started this comic a week after I turned 18) and experimented heavily through the six years I spent making the webcomic. Within these pages is when I became a “real” artist, when I figured out what my style would be. I continue to grow and evolve, but many of the core elements of my art were developed here.

I think June 19th will always be an important day for me. Heck, this has me more excited than my birthday last week. The omnibus collection is being printed as I type this, and soon I can send them out to people, and how cool is that? Ten years ago, this wasn’t even something I imagined ever doing, and now it’s real. A lot happens in a decade. I can’t even begin to guess what I’ll achieve in another ten years. I probably haven’t even started dreaming it yet.

Reading this comic was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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